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Solution Focused Improvisation for Trainers, Facilitators and Leaders

This marvelous duo suprised us again with a very sparkling two days of SF improvisation. In a playful way, we all discovered and practiced the simple but powerful principles of 'making your partner look good', (still love that one) 'yes and', enjoying each others' ideas, bring structure to raise creativity, wait untill the other is ready, (of course, how can we forget this) doing something with what you get form someone and pass it on...(utilization concept).

However entertaining and funny the exercises were, they are very serious principles that we can all use when we collaborate with others in organisations. Being alert and in the present, accepting whatever comes your way (even things you don't like) and do something useful with it, building upon each others strengths, listen deeply, use what is there and what is brought by others in a meeting or a negotiatio make working together more easy and richer.