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Clément Falize
02/06/2022 to 03/06/2022
29/09/2022 to 30/09/2022

What is embodied coaching?

Embodied coaching is coaching with full awareness of your own body. Our body-awareness is a strong instrument in our work with clients. It helps us to be fully present and attune to them. When we feel ourselves, we can monitor ourselves and prepare to be in the best possible state to coach and enhance the quality of our presence. When we are fully present, we stay open and creative in the search with our client to explore what it is they need to make a shift. 

Raising the body-awareness in our clients is another skill that we want to introduce in this workshop. If they can be aware of their body sensations and learn to contain them, then it will also be easier to monitor their emotions. Giving space and inviting our clients to give words to all that is felt on a physical and emotional level, without judgement, narratives, without explanations or finding root-causes, is allowing them to open up to all the parts that want to be recognized and be seen. It is an invitation to the client to embrace and honor the whole spectrum of his/her experience, and therefore a deep recognition of his/her whole being. When this is possible, it becomes much more easy to re-connect to what is wanted and needed and to move on to a more resourceful and powerful state.    

What are micro-constellations? 

Micro constellations help to generate a clearer vision on your client's topic and possible solutions. They add another dimension to your coaching by introducing the ‘language of space’ into conversations. By moving in different perspectives we can explore, simulate and experience various options using the perception of the body.

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Petra Müller Demary and Liselotte Baeijaert

Petra Müller Demary

Petra is an Accredited Senior Coach (IIC & M – International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring), a Professional Certified Coach (ICF- international Coach Federation) and founder of SolutionSurfers Romania. She is originally from Germany (Köln) and has lived in Romania since 1995. Petra has more than 25 years of experience in the field of Human Recourses and Management Development. The basis of her work is the Solution Focused approach and Systemic Structured Constellations. Today she works in various European countries. Her clients appreciate her rich professional experience combined with a fresh, creative approach, which encourages them to think out of the box and to develop surprising solutions.

Liselotte Baeijaert 
Liselotte is an experienced and passionate coach, trainer and facilitator. She co-founded Ilfaro with Anton Stellamans in 2007. Since 30 years she is supporting the development of individuals, teams and organizations in her own enthusiastic and passionate way. She uses Solution Focus in all her interventions and a sensitive, non-judgemental way to connect with her clients to find solutions that suit their situation, values and vision. In her first professions Liselotte was a HR-development professional in different organisations.  


This is an intensive program of 2 x 2 days for coaches, trainers, therapists, consultants with basic experience in Solution Focused coaching, who are interested in exploring the new and powerful combination of Solution Focus, Embodiment and Micro Constellations.

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For whom?

Coaches, trainers, therapists, consultants with basic experience in Solution Focused coaching, interested in and perhaps already acquainted with embodiment and Micro Constellations 


  • Two live training workshops of 2 days:
    • Part 2: 2,3 June 2022 
    • Part 3: 29,30 September 2022 
  • Where?

 Ilfaro, Prosperdreef 1, Heverlee, Belgium and online on zoom 


Contact us on 


450€ per module, (VAT exclusive) (veggie lunch included) 

In case of travel restrictions or covid rules, we will refund you.

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