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Resilient people, resilient teams

We live in a very fascinating era. The speed of information, development, technology and the global interconnections are mind dazzling. And… this often comes with a price: without any warning we can suddenly be hit by overload, too much information, work charge, organizational restructuring. Or we become exhausted by chronically being overexposed to information and social communication.

Hence the urge for conscious energy management and good practices of resilience in our teams and organizations. Workplaces where people thrive, grow, perform well and feel good, are often populated by resilient people. What can we learn from them? How do they manage to acknowledge and face change and difficulties? They use four keys for Resilience, we call these the A.R.T.S. of resilience.

1. Accept what is there

2. Refocus on what is wanted

3. Take care of what is working already, of each other and of yourself

4. Start with small steps 

We see how they don’t work against but with the change. They stay focused on new opportunities that arise and make use of what is there already: resources, know how, skills, strengths and assets. Their focus is on the next step rather than on the big strategy whilst staying in tune with the big picture and their purpose. They use and respect their strengths and needs and succeed to cooperate in a very constructive and straightforward way. 

Being resilient means being deeply human and acknowledge that we are not only rational but also emotional, social and physical beings.

Ilfaro organises lively workshops in Belgium and abroad with small and big  teams where people explore how to use and further develop their “resilience muscle” so that both the workplace and their personal lives become places where they manage to do what they want to do in the most easy, fun and healthy way.

After these workshops people are more aware of their own resilience attitudes and they have multiple ideas of how to build the resiliency in their teams.