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Evan George

On Oct. 9-10 Evan George will give a Masterclass on Cooperation and Team Work at Ilfaro. This 2-day programme will explore, from a Solution Focused starting point the foundations for cooperation and consider to what extent the principles and practices that are characteristic of the approach are more widely applicable.

The workshop will be active and participative, involving an inter-linked series of exercises, recorded examples and discussion. Above all the 2 days will be stimulating, energising and enjoyable with ample opportunities to reflect on our own practice and our own best ways to develop cooperation with the people with whom we work. Click here for more information.

In 2012 he send us this video on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of Ilfaro to introduce the masterclass he gave that year. 

"Many of you will know that the field of leadership and coperation is changing rapidly and that a whole host of new and interesting ideas are emerging. What Solution Focus offers in the field of cooperation is something unique. It offers a technology of language, a technology of talking that allows us to put all of the best ideas of those fields at work."