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20/06/2018 to 21/06/2018

This course is for leaders who want to create an energised team, whether it is a single team or a larger organisation. An energised team has employees who are, among other things, engaged in a balanced way, resilient, happy, creative and productive.

With other leaders, you co-create a vision and decide what you must focus your attention on to build an energised team, using our Team Impetus Model and tools.

This collaboration provides you with a rich source of ideas, different perspectives and challenges to your own thinking. Periods of reflection time enable you to develop a strategy for your team, recorded in a “Progress Canvas”. This describes the future, captures areas to focus your attention on and helps you measure progress.

Stimulating, participative and enjoyable, in this workshop you experience how it feels to work in an energised team and find the inspiration you need to begin to create one.

What is an Energised Team?

An energised team has people who:

  • Engage with the organisation and its leadership
  • Share the future direction of the team
  • Know what must be done to achieve the future
  • Create and implement new ideas
  • Collaborate internally and externally
  • Enjoy themselves
  • Trust and are open with each other
  • Make things happen
  • Have constructive debates
  • Work in harmony with each other
  • Take appropriate risk

Are in “flow” – their job challenge matches or is slightly ahead of their skills, knowledge and experience (Please see Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s TED talk here). 

What is the Team Impetus Model?

The Team Impetus Model  is based on the Solution Focus (SF) approach to change, one that focuses on what a team wants to achieve and enables people to progress towards it.

John Brooker developed the Model based on his experience of facilitating teams globally with SF and through collaboration with fellow SF practitioners. 

John Brooker

I am a professional meeting facilitator / team coach and have been working with teams since 2001 on a truly international basis, across Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. In this role, I facilitate teams to collaborate to:

  • Transform their ways of working using the solution focus approach – I have used SF since 2004
  • Innovate in different areas of the business using my own Inn8 Approach. 

For more information: John Brooker

 20 – 21 June 2018 Leuven, Belgium

English Language

Group size: 16 maximum 

Venue: Ilfaro Training Centre, 

Prosperdreef 1, 

3001 Leuven, Belgium

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John Brooker

Mobile: +44 7866 431046

Investment: €600 + VAT. 

Lunch included, but does not include accommodation.