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6 and 7 November: Impact large groups with "Great Gatherings" at Ilfaro, Heverlee

This 2-day program will introduce solution-focused elements in large group settings. We will cover goal clearing with a contracting authority or client, process design, and facilitation of the event itself. We will also look at how to create solution-focused repercussions in order to keep a good process going after your job is done.

It is possible to work on your own cases, as the workshop is highly interactive and filled with hands-on tools, exercises and examples. This gives you an opportunity to work on your own large group model that either fits a specific case, subject or field of work.

Working with 70-100-300-500 is fun (!) and also very enlightening when you approach it not only as a job to be done well but also as a learning process for yourself. Every time.

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